Registration opens at at 3pm on March 9th, 2024 for returning families and 3pm on March 10th, 2024 for new families

If you are a new family, please be aware that camps fill up extremely fast. It is normal for camps (especially the Intermediate and Teen groups) to be full when they open to new families on Sunday. This does not necessarily mean that your child will not get in! Last year we had 30% new kids in our Intermediate camps, 22% in our Teen camps, and 60% in our Junior camps.

Our accommodations are very rigid so we do not fill every single spot on registration weekend. We have to look at roommate requests, gender distribution, and how many “solo” campers we have before we can fill in the gaps. Once that is done, we will go to the waitlist. So – if your preferred camp is full, don’t panic. We know you’re disappointed. We wish we could snap our fingers and make new beds appear! Last year we added 9 extra spots to every week long camp! Just get your kid on the waitlist and we’ll let you know if a spot becomes available!


July 2-5: Leadership Camp (ages 15-16)

July 8-10: Junior Camp GROUP A (ages 7-9)

July 10-12: Junior Camp GROUP B (ages 7-9)

July 15-19: Intermediate (ages 10-12) – Full

July 22-26: Teen (ages 13-15) – Full

August 5-9: Intermediate (ages 10-12) – Full

August 12-14: Junior Camp GROUP C (ages 7-9)

August 19-23: Teen (ages 13-15) – Full

August 26-30: Intermediate (ages 10-12) – Full


2024 Fees

Leadership Camp (4 days): $410

Intermediate/Teen Camp (5 days) $510

Junior Camp (3 days) $285

Registration takes place in 2 steps:

Step 1: Choose which camp you’d like to register your child for and click the link. This is Part 1 of the registration form and will include your child’s name and your contact information. This secures your child’s place in this camp. This year the Part 1 forms will be password protected on March 9th. Returning families were emailed this password. The password will be removed on March 10th at 3pm.

Step 2: After submitting Part 1, you will receive Part 2 of the registration form to be completed within 48 hours.

If you are a new family, please be aware that camps fill up extremely fast. It is not uncommon for them to go within minutes of opening as the Part 1 form can be filled out very quickly. If your preferred camp is full at the time of registration, please add yourself to the waitlist ASAP. Lots of new kids make it off the waitlist every year!