Camp Rainbow

What is Camp Rainbow?

Camp Rainbow is a three-day overnight nature camp developed in partnership with Echo Pond Summer Camp, Trans Youth NL, and Quadrangle. It is a camp exclusively for Trans, 2-Spirit, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse children ages 10-15. Camp Rainbow is a place for our youth to unplug, relax, and celebrate the wonderful humans they are!

Why Camp Rainbow?
Our goal is to create space for Trans, 2-Spirit, Non-binary, and Gender Diverse campers to build confidence, independence, and connect with likeminded friends in a fun, relaxing, safe, and welcoming camp environment. At camp they will meet and be supported by a team of trans and gender diverse mentor camp counselors from our Echo Pond camp community.
Where does camp take place?
Camp Rainbow takes place at the Echo Pond Environmental Education Center off of Salmonier Line. Our property is in the heart of the Avalon “Fog Forest” where we are surrounded by beautiful wilderness, walking trails, meadows, bogs, and a pond. Campers are transported to and from camp on a school bus with drop off sites at the Fluvarium and Salmonier Line.
Is Camp Rainbow physically accessible?
Echo Pond’s property is located in a wilderness setting so there is a lot of grass, gravel, and wooded paths! Our two buildings are accessible by wheelchair and have wheelchair accessible bathrooms.
When does it take place?
Camp Rainbow takes place Wednesday June 26th-Friday June 28th.
What activities will my child take part in?
Camp Rainbow is a nature camp so we will spend lots of time outside, rain or shine! Campers can choose from activities such as swimming, hiking, canoeing, orienteering, nature walks, group games, gardening, camp fires, and quiet time by the pond. We will have a dedicated indoor space for art making. We plan on having an optional “Queer Prom” which is a fun night of dancing and music in our cookhouse! Both our regular Echo Pond counselors and trans mentor counselors will develop and offer specialty programs as well!
Do they have to go outside?
Yes! We are a nature camp! Campers will always have a choice of activities throughout the day, and most of them will take place outside.
Camp Rainbow is a place to unplug – can my child bring their cellphone?
We believe in fostering genuine connections and embracing the natural world around us. Therefore, we kindly request that campers refrain from bringing cell phones (and other electronics) to camp. This policy ensures that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the camp experience without distractions. If campers need to contact home, they are welcome to use our landline. We understand that this may be a challenge for some campers, but we firmly believe that it enhances the overall camp experience for everyone involved.
But they only use it to listen to music before bed or play mobile games. Can they bring it?
We understand that some campers might use a cellphone as a tool for regulation. If this is the case for your child, please let us know so we can work with you to come with an alternate plan for regulation.
What does Camp Rainbow cost?
A regular 3-day camp at Echo Pond costs $285 in 2024. However, through fundraising and donations we will be able to offer camp at a low or fully subsidized cost.
My child would LOVE this camp! How do I sign up?
We are currently accepting expressions of interest forms to determine staffing requirements. If you think your child would love to attend, please continue on and fill out the form!
The deadline for Application Form is Sunday, March 31st! If a spot is available for your child, we will contact you with the registration form.