School Programs

Our curriculum-linked programming is available for Grades 5, 6, 7, 8 and Science 1206. It is experiential and hands-on, bringing learning to life in the outdoors.

Overview of program:

  • Cost is $65 per child (plus transport)

  • Programs are overnight (two days and one night)

  • The Centre is located in a wilderness setting off of Salmonier Line (Deer Park area)

  • All meals and programming are provided.

  • Most sessions are scheduled Monday to Tuesday or Wednesday to Thursday of each week, between May-June and September-November

  • Group size: We have space to sleep up 56 students and 4-6 teachers/volunteers (there are separate accommodations for Echo Pond staff)
  • Layout of sleeping accommodations:  students and teachers/volunteer sleep in our Bunkhouse. The building is divided by gender into a Female/Non-binary wing and a Male/Non-binary wing. Each wing has 4 rooms for students, with space for 7 students in each room. When determining if there will be enough space for your students, please keep in mind that the exact amount of space depends on the gender ratio of your class.

How will students benefit from this program?

  • The deep learning that comes from a rich wilderness experience.

  • Learning about sustainability and green technologies in action: we are off the grid and have solar panels and wind turbines and a vegetable garden

  • Opportunity to try new and engaging activities, from orienteering, to shelter-building, to an evening hike and listening to fairy stories

  • Fun, laughter and class bonding

  • The many mental and physical health benefits of being outside and in nature

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Doing this kind of mapping is better than doing it in class because you are finding out where you are and actually using it in real life. Comment by Heidi (grade 6 St. Catherine’s School) on orienteering

[Echo Pond] is such a worthwhile experience for all students. I was so happy to finally attend after longing to do so for many years. My students loved it. I had a student who is in a wheelchair. Easter Seals supplied a terrific chair that enabled her to get deep into the woods. The staff were the best. The food was fabulous. An educational opportunity for all.

Verna, NLESD Teacher

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