Grade 8: Water Worlds

Explore the way water flows through the boreal forest ecosystem. Collect freshwater invertebrates, examine them with microscopes, and discover how they can be used to determine water quality. Create your own water filtration device using simple household materials. Learn about the watery world of the “Waterbear”. Explore a bog and appreciate some of the many values of wetlands to humans, from flood protection to water filtration. Discuss how water and climate change are connected.

The Science portion of this program is based on Unit 1: Water Systems on Earth’s Surface

This program also includes many other classic Echo Pond activities including playing “camouflage”, orienteering with map and compass, wilderness survival and shelter-building, nature journalling, listening to Newfoundland fairy stories, and an evening campfire.

After your visit, use our new illustrated map of Echo Pond as a tool to reflect on what you’ve learned, and deepen your learning.