Science 1206: What makes an ecosystem sustainable?

Participate in a small-group interpretive walk of the boreal forest, observing existing species and biodiversity. Explore as a group the question: what makes an ecosystem sustainable? Learn concrete skills for assessing biodiversity. Learn fieldwork skills. Set up a quadrant and compare a forest and a clearcut area, and do an optional ‘rotten log study’. Do a role play activity about the reintroduction of wolves to the island of Newfoundland. Learn the basics of climate change and see if you can spot all the ways that we at Echo Pond are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions and working to make our Centre sustainable.

The Science portion of this program is based on Unit 4: Sustainability of Ecosystems

This program also includes optional activities, including orienteering with map and compass, a morning birwatching walk, nature journalling, Newfoundland fairy stories, and an evening campfire.

After your visit, use our new illustrated map of Echo Pond as a tool to reflect on what you’ve learned, and deepen your learning.