Summertime at the bog (Poem)

Each of the plants above is described in the accompanying poem. Can you figure out which plant is which based on the description in the poem?

Summertime at the bog

Waves of colour blink on and off
like slow motion Christmas lights, bright

frills and fluffs ruffling in the warm wind. Near-sighted blackflies and bumble

bees hover, then alight, on fragrant petals. Bog laurels cup magenta light, a ring

of little lampshades, upside-down.
Pastel orange of bakeapples bulge from the grasp

of five sepals, an overflowing purse of sweetness. The white fringed orchid, a milky inflorescence,

dangles into sweet nectar spurs. Red bulbs
of pitcher plants glisten wet on spongy moss,

while their fleshy veined leaves lure mosquitoes to perish in a putrid protein shake,

among carcasses, a leg here, a wing there. Almost hidden, below scrubby branches,

wispy sundews clasp crystal droplets, and cling like Velcro to the unlucky: lives

of roaming insects flicker out in rhythm, in the summertime at the bog.